Flood Family Medical Center

We are a patient focused primary care practice that addresses the primary care needs of patients within our community. We strive to be a leader for innovative medical practices and emphasize the importance of personalized patient care for you.


We offer appointments daily to help better serve you and meet your needs. We have two healthcare providers with like minds that will work hard to help you meet your goals and clinical staff trained to help you


Our integration with Athena Health will allow you to have access to your medical record 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week whereby you can request refills, ask questions, make appointments, review labs, etc.


We value the personal, one-on-one doctor patient relationship that benefits the patient through providing continuous and consistent healthcare. We are bringing back healthcare “the way it was meant to be”.

Patient Comfort

Dedicated to making sure your health and treatment plan are fully explained and you have access to all of your information 24/7. Helping to bring back healthcare “the way it was meant to be”

Interventional Medicine

We believe that the patient is more important than the disease itself. Each individual requires a unique set of interventions to solve his or her current health problems. We strive to deliver the most effective treatment plan for patients and encourage patients to take an active role in their health care plan. This is why we want you to have a say in your treatment plan. Again bringing back medicine to “what it was meant to be”.

Comprehensive Treatment

Because we realize the complexity in treating the whole person, we will create a plan that treats all of you that will include medications, lifestyle changes, and/or nutritional supplements. We have access to diagnostic testing, lab testing and referrals to large network of specialist within the area if necessary so that your needs are addressed.


Our new innovative and integrated electronic medical record system allows patients to take ownership of their healthcare record.  This patient portal allows convenient conversing with clinicians and staff to help handle your needs in a time efficient, hassle free and secure manner.

  • Dr. Ericka Flood, M.D. Primary Care Physician

    Chief Medical Officer of Flood Family Medical Center. Bachelor of Science from University of New Orleans. Medical training in United Kingdom. Residency at Baton Rouge General. Board certified in Family Medicine. Board certified in Obesity Medicine.

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